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08-10 September 2014 in WrocławPoland (Deadline: January 31st, 2014)

History and Edutainment

2014 conference of ISHD will focus on history and edutainment – i.e. a combination of education and entertainment in any of its forms (including e.g. computer and board games, films, museums, historical and archeological picnics and battle reconstructions, historical magazines and TV programs, entertaining materials and activities in the school classrooms etc.). The goal of the conference is to investigate different aspects of the phenomenon of historical edutainment

Preliminary program of the conference is available here.

The conference venue will be the Institute of History, University of Wrocław, Szewska 49. It is located in the center of the city so there are many hotels available nearby. The limited amount of rooms at preferential rates of ca. 60 euros single room and 85 euro double will be available for the participants at Tumski Hotel, Hotel Campanille, Hotel Duet, Lothus Hotel and Hotel Patio.

Reservation forms:

For the special prices in Hotel Campanille use code “Rozrywka”.

More practical information is available under this link.

Please fill in and send the registration form before July, 1st. Thank you!

Looking forward to meeting you in Wrocław!


Next conferences:

23-29 August 2015 in Jinan, China

In combination with the XXIIth CISH conference  (


2016 in Trabzon, Turkey

2017 in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa

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Past conferences:


16-18 September 2013 in Tutzing, Germany

British flagColonialism, decolonization and post-colonial historical perspectives – Challenges for History Didactics and history teaching in a globalizing world

French flagColonialisme – décolonisation – perspectives postcoloniales: des défis pour la didactique et l’enseignement de l’histoire dans le contexte de la mondialisation

German flagKolonilalismus, Dekolonisierung, postkoloniale Perspektiven. Herausforderungen für die Didaktik der Geschichte und den Geschichtsunterricht im Kontext der Globalisierung

Conference Report
Conference Programm
Speaker registration form
Guest registration form


25-27 June 2012 in Kazan, Russia

British flagCultural and religious diversity and the implications for history education

French flagKulturelle und religiöse Vielfalt und ihre Auswirkungen auf den Geschichtsunterricht

German flagLa diversité culturelle et religieuse et ses implications pour l’enseignement de l’histoire

Registration Formular
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Cultural Program
Call for Papers


12-14 September 2011 in Basel, Switzerland

From historical research to school history: problems, relations, challenges
De la recherche historique à l’histoire scolaire: Problèmes, relations, défis
Geschichtswissenschaft und Schulunterricht: Probleme, Beziehungen, Herausforderungen

Pedagogic College of North-West Switzerland
Office of Coordination of the Swiss Societies for History Didactics

Call for papers: Deutsch - English - Français
Online registration: TagungsPortal ISHD 2011
Information: Deutsch - English - Français


22-28 August 2010 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

(20th International Congress of Historical Sciences – ICHS – CISH )

Panel 2


September 2009 in Braunschweig, Germany

(Georg-Eckert-Institut für Internationale Schulbuchforschung)

Schulbuchanalyse: Fragen zur Methodologie
Analyzing Textbooks: Methodological Issues
L’analyse des manuels: questions méthodologiques



8-10 September 2008 in Tutzing, Germany

(Akademie für politische Bildung)

Empirische Forschung zum historischen Lernen
Empirical Research on History Learning
Recherche empirique sur l’apprentrisage de l’histoire



19-21 September 2007 in Thessaloniki, Greece

(Aristoteleio Panepistimio Thessalonikis)

Geschichte in der öffentlichen Argumentation
Public Uses of history
Usages publics de l’histoire


28-30 September 2006 in Tallinn, Estonia

Geschichtsbewusstsein – Geschichtskultur
Historical Consciousness – Historical Culture
Conscience historique – Culture historique

Cover 1
Cover 2


3-9 July 2005 in Sydney, Australia

(19th International Congress of Historical Sciences in Sydney)

Main session: Textbooks from the Narrative of the Nation to the Narrative of the Citizen (Moderator: Masao Nishikawa, Japan)

Sessions of the ISHD:

1. Teaching and Learning World History – the Global Challenge

(Moderator: Luigi Cajani, Rome, Italy)

2. The View on the Other in History Teaching (textbook/teachers)

(Moderator: Elisabeth Erdmann, Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany)


20-24 September 2004 in Rabat, Morocco

(Université Mohammed V – Souissi)

Rencontre de l’histoire et rencontre de l’autre : L’enseignement de l’histoire comme dialogue interculturel


16-20 September 2003 in Tutzing, Germany

(Akademie für politische Bildung)

Möglichkeiten des stufenbezogenen Geschichtsunterrichts im internationalen Vergleich – Erfahrungen und Visionen