CISH - Comité international des sciences historiques / ICHS - International Committee of Historical Sciences
CISH / ISHD newsletter 1 here
EUROCLIO - European Association of History Educators
kgd - Konferenz für Geschichtsdidaktik
SASHT - South African Society for History Teaching
ISCHE - International Standing Conference for the History of Education
Gesellschaft für Geschichtsdidaktik Österreich
The International Students of History Association (ISHA)
Public History Weekly
The Historical Association
Network of Concerned Historians (NCH)
International Research Association for History and Social Sciences Education (IRASSHE)
African Association for History Education (AHE-Afrika)

Scientific journals on the field of history didactics

Yesterday & Today, ed. by Prof. Elize S. van Eeden (North-West University, South Africa) on behalf of The South African Society for History Teaching (SASHT) -

Historical Encounters. A journal of historical consciousness, historical cultures, and history education (open access), ed. by Robert P. Parkes et al., School of Education at the University of Newcastle, Australia -