23-29 August 2020 The next international conference of the ISHD will be part of the CISH/ICHS conference at Poznan (Poland)

CISH/ICHS conference at Poznan (Poland)

The ISHD offers one Joint Session and three ISHD Sessions (see below).

(The ISHD is also involved in the Joint Session 'What makes Public History truly international?' of the International Federation for Public History (IFPH) (in association with the Associazone Italiana di Public History; AIPH).)


Joint Session (together with the International Standing Conference for the History of Education; ISCHE): The concepts of ‘modernization’ and ‘modernity’ in the history of history education (Susanne Popp & Eckhardt Fuchs)

ISHD Session: How should history education respond to the arrival of the Anthropocene Era? (Terry Haydn & Harry Haue)

ISHD Session: Progressive narratives in the post-Cold War era (Markus Furrer & Barnabás Vajda) programme

ISHD Session: History education and public history  (Joanna Wojdon & Markus Furrer)



The deadline for submitting proposals (maximum 500 words) for the Joint Session and the ISHD Sessions is 10 January 2020.