Yearbook 44| 2023

The Anthropocene and History Education


Susanne Popp: Continuity And Change - A Look Back At The ISHD In 2023: Introduction To ISHD Conference At Tallinn University On 'Heritage In History Education' The Anthropocene and History Education

Philipp Bernhard and Susanne Popp: From The National To The Planetary Level. History Education In The Anthropocene

Olga Dudar, Svitlana Savchenko and Nataliia Petroshchuk: The Relationship Between A Human Being And Nature. How This Aspect Is Provided By History School Education In Ukraine

Heidi Eskelund Knudsen: The Anthropocene Question In Danish History Education: A Case Study Of textbooks' Historical Narratives

Urte Kocka: The Anthropocene And New challenges For Teaching History

Jacques Ngong Atembone: How Should History Teaching In Cameroon Respond To The Arrival Of The Anthropocene Era?

Anu Raudsepp and Andres Andresen: Nuclear War As A Global Problem In post-Cold War Estonian history And Civics Textbooks


Enrique-Javier: Díez-Gutiérrez, José Sarrión-Andaluz and Katherine Gajardo Espinoza: The Oblivion Of Democratic Historical Memories in Spanish Education: The Vision Of Students From Castilla Y Léon

Katja Gorbahn: Narratives Of Progress Or Crisis? Democracy Between The Nation, The European And The Global

Evangelia Kalogirou, Georgia Kouseri, Niki Nikonanou and Marina Sounoglou: Oral testimonies Enhancing Historical Thinking On The German Occupation Period: Kostarazi, Greece

Oliver Mayer-Simmet: Open Educational Resources In History Education: An Example Of A Quality Assessment From History Didactics Point Of View

Polina Verbytska: History Education In Ukraine In Political Transition


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